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Our Services

For your convenience, all service types and pricing can be found here. Simply click on the desired service and you will be taken directly to the booking page to complete your appointment. 


If you are a lash virgin, a full classic set is the best way to start! It will ease you in and you can expand from there. Keep in mind that you are not limited to any one style, length, or lash type. 

Please note, the total number of lashes applied in each set is dependent upon how many natural lashes you have.  


Classic Full Mink Set - $150

We use faux mink only - never real animal hairs. Mink is laser cut much thinner than silk which gives a lightweight feel and natural look. Mink has a matte finish. Very popular with first-timers.

Full Hybrid Set - $175

Hybrid sets are a mix between classic and volume. Perfect for clients with sparse lashes, gaps or just anyone looking for a little more fullness than classic but not quite as dense as a volume set.

Full Volume Set - $200

Volume sets are multiple very lightweight extensions, made into a "fan" placed onto one natural lash. These sets create a very full, luxurious look. Perfect for clients with thin and sparse lashes and those who love a full. dense look. 

Mega Volume Set - $250

Mega Volume sets are created with upwards of 10 super tiny, lightweight extensions applied to one natural lash.  The lash extensions used for volume & mega volume are so tiny that they weigh nearly nothing so there is no potential damage to your natural lash. Mega Volume lashes create very dark and dramatic sets.


All fills are for current clients ONLY! If you have lashes on from another artist & need a fill you will need to book an 'outside fill'.

Fills (or refills) are exactly that - intermittent appointments to fill in the lashes you've lost due to shedding and natural lash growth cycle or to add more on top of the set you already have. Prices are based on time so the better you care for your lashes, the less time you'll need!  Check out my care guide for tips.  Also, make sure to come to your lash appointment without any eye makeup to maximize your appointment time. 

Classic Fills:

  • Mini Fill: quick touch-up for last-minute events or for fills within 1 week only (up to 30 minutes only) - $38

  • 45 minute fill - $55

  • 60 minute fill - $75

  • 75 minute fill - $93 

  • Fill from outside salon: $115

Hybrid Fills:

  • Mini Fill: quick touch-up for last-minute events or for fills within 1 week only (up to 30 minutes only) -$45

  • 45 minute fill - $68

  • 60 minute fill - $90

  • 75 minute fill - $112

Volume Fills​:

Mega Volume Fills


Outside Fill - $115

Due to lack of quality control, most lash technicians will not fill other tech's work. 
It is highly recommended that you revisit your original tech for your fill but if it is not possible or you choose to not return to them, I do offer outside fill services for a flat fee. 
The rate is a bit higher due to the potential risks and the possible complications that could arise from filling someone else's work.

Keep in mind - depending on the condition of your lashes, I may not be able to perform a healthy fill & may need to do a removal & full set. 
This appointment will include a 60 minute fill. You must have at least 50% of your lashes left. 

If your lashes are sparse and/or less than half full, you will need to pay for a full set,

Please Note: The Mini Fill is perfect as a quick touch-up right before a special event or for fills within 1 week of the last appointment.  I cannot guarantee that it will provide sufficient coverage for fills after one week's time. I will only charge you for the time you use. 

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